Deploy a Web Application using AWS OpsWorks


AWS OpsWorks is an application management service.It makes it easy to deploy and operate applications of all shapes and sizes. We can define the application’s architecture and the specification of each component. This includes package installation, software configuration and resources like storage. There is no additional charge for OpsWorks Stacks. We just pay for AWS resources (e.g. EC2 instances, EBS volumes, Elastic IP addresses) created using OpsWorks Stacks in the same manner as if we created them manually.

Add Stack

In AWS Management Console, we search for OpsWorks and see above page, choose the first option – OpsWorks Stacks.

Then we choose “Add your first stack”.

We choose Chef 11 stack, and type stack-demo as our stack name.

We can keep other things as default, then “Add stack”.

Then, we can see the OpsWorkds is creating a new IAM role.

We click Layers and choose PHP App Server. Then click “Add Layer”.

Here we click Network.

Ensure that it has public IP and save.

Back to the Layers page, click Add instance.

We choose t2.micro as instance size then click “Add instance”.

Click start here.

Now we wait for the creation.

Deploy an App to AWS OpsWorks Stack

Choose Apps and then click “Add an app”.

We give the name PHP-App-demo, then paste the below link into the Repository URL:

Then click “Add App”.

Test the Application

Click the public IP, then you will see the page like above figure.


Firstly, delete the app.

Secondly, stop the instance.

Wait for a minute, then delete the instance.

Finally, delete the stack.

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